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Energy is the lifeblood of the economy. It propels your car. It heats your home. It powers the device you’re looking at right now. Humanity has discovered and exploited many sources of energy, but many are scarce and dwindling. Most have harmful side effects. Some of these side effects threaten the long-term health of our economy and even the very existence of our species. If we want to survive, we will soon have to get more value out of the energy we produce, make more use of clean energy, find ways to make some dirty energy sources clean, and stop using other dirty energy sources altogether.

Renewable energy such as that from sunlight, wind, and biomass is clean, it is plentiful, and it is free. At present, these are niche players in the global energy marketplace. In the coming years, they will become the predominant way we power our economy. This blog narrates the voyage of energy from yesterday’s first blush of dawn to tomorrow’s warm, bright and powerful high noon.

If you are a decision-maker on matters relating to energy, this blog is for you. Maybe you are involved in the regulation of the energy industry. Maybe, like the author you are involved in setting government policy on energy matters. Maybe you are an elected representative, interested in better understanding the future of energy.

If you are a participant in the energy industry, this blog is for you. Perhaps you work for a company that manufactures combined heat and power systems. Perhaps you install solar arrays for homeowners and businesspeople. Perhaps you maintain wind turbines. Perhaps you help finance them. Perhaps you own a share in a renewable energy cooperative, or are thinking of buying in.

If you are an educator on the topic of energy, this blog is for you. If you teach in a university, a community college, a private training company, or even a high school, you will find that this blog is a helpful asset.

If you are a student learning about renewable energy, this blog is for you. In other words, you don’t fit any of the descriptions above, but you are acquiring the knowledge to rectify that. Well done, and keep up the good work!

Other sites are very effective at reporting on the news, be it first-hand stories or corporate press releases. This blog is not about providing information – it is about providing insight. By reading this blog, and reflecting on the insights it offers, you can join in on the journey to a Brighter Tomorrow.

The views, opinions, and ideas expressed in this blog are the author’s own. They do not in any way represent the official voice of the City of Guelph.


2 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. Hi Alex,
    We met at the CEM course in TO in November. I have discovered your blog and think it is wonderful. You should be a columnist on energy topics for a big newspaper. I am thinking the Globe and Mail.,…or the Hamilton Spectator…or the Guelph paper.
    Keep up the excellence!
    Kathy Garneau in Hamilton


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