Telling our story

Guelph is special. As Guelphites, we often don’t recognize this, because we live and breath it every day. What does a fish know of water?

Guelph is a crossroads: Urban and rural, town and gown, provincial and municipal, conservative and progressive. The city is nestled among some of Ontario’s most productive farmland, with successful agribusinesses operating in Wellington County just a short jaunt from our urban centre. The University of Guelph is large enough to make a significant influence on the community, but not so large that the community would cease to exist without it. Our city is home to a provincial government ministry, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs at One Stone Road. Our elected representatives at each of the three orders of government work exceptionally well together, despite having diverse political backgrounds. Guelph is a magnet for people from all over the world, whether because of the university (producing internationally-renowned innovative research), because of our world-class industry (we are home to the only top-tier solar panel manufacturer with headquarters outside of east Asia), or because of our welcoming community (providing a home to refugees from Syria and elsewhere).

We need to tell our story. Our ability to collaborate, innovate, and take care of one another is an inspiring message the rest of the country needs to hear. Guelph is a beacon for what a modern, human-centred city looks like.

I want to be our story teller in Ottawa.

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