My platform: Electoral reform

A train that lurches from side to side is a train that is about to run off the tracks. Our political system is broken: One party gets a majority, implements a whole slate of changes, then gets hit by scandal. Then the other party gets in, stamps out most of what the last government did, and the process repeats. This is absurd, counterproductive, and – when we are facing issues as menacing as climate change – dangerous.

Countries with effective electoral systems don’t ride this seesaw. Majority governments happen rarely, if ever. They don’t waste their time trying to erase the chalkboard of everything the last student wrote. When governments are formed from coalitions, it entails compromise, consensus-building, and middle-of-the-road policy. There’s also less room for the rot that sets in when a party has carte blanche for successive terms of office.

We need this kind of system in Canada. We need to get off Crazy Train.

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