Alex’s biography

After growing up in small-town Cape Breton, where his parents still reside, Alex Chapman pursued an engineering career that took him to Toronto, Montreal, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He and his wife Trina have called Guelph home since 2011, and he is currently the manager of Guelph’s Climate Change Office. Alex’s passion for community and sustainability led him to dedicate his life to ensuring a livable planet for his seven children. He has launched a career in renewable energy, built teams of like-minded individuals, and chosen to cycle to work year-round.

Alex holds a BASc in Civil Engineering from UofT, an MBA from McGill University, and is a Certified Energy Manager and a Renewable Energy Professional. Alex leads the City’s Energy, Water, and Climate Change working group, and serves on the Clean Air Partnership, the AMO Energy Task Force, and the IESO Data Strategy Advisory Council. He founded the Municipal Energy Managers Community of Practice and the QUEST Community Energy Plan Implementation Network. Alex is excited to be a leader in Guelph’s award-winning Community Energy Initiative, helping to found Our Energy Guelph and providing leadership to its Transitional Board, Guelph Energy Managers, the Guelph Energy Efficiency Retrofit Strategy working group, and the Education, Communication, Outreach and Awareness Team. Alex was instrumental in obtaining the following awards for the City of Guelph: the QUEST Community Energy Builder Award, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Sustainable Communities Award, and the GLOBE Climate Award.

Alex served as President of the UofT Engineering Society and VP External of the McGill MBA Student Association. He has served on the boards of eMerge Guelph and the Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club, and is a member of the Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation.
Alex plays ten musical instruments, speaks three languages, and enjoys reading, triathlon, scuba diving, community theatre and snowboarding. Guelph is home because it embodies the things he values most: environmental sustainability, vibrant culture and physical fitness. Being MP would allow Alex the opportunity to be the voice for his community. The Green Party exemplifies Alex’s personal commitment to sustainability – environmental, economic, and social.

“My kids are my everything. I believe we can build them a better world – a restored environment, a prosperous economy, and care for the most vulnerable. Guelph can be a beacon of hope and possibility for the entire nation. That is a message I want to bring to Ottawa.”

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